"Chaplin - A Life. In Concert"

One actor, one piano, one unforgettable performance. This is "Chaplin – A Life. In Concert", a unique evening of Musical Theater which dramatizes, in song, the life story of the brilliant artist, Charlie Chaplin.

The show stars multi platinum award-winning Performer/Composer, David Pomeranz (who also created the Music and Lyrics and collaborated on the Book with Emmy Winner , Steven David Horwich) who portrays more than 40 of the colorful characters in Charlie's life.

"Chaplin – A Life. In Concert" opens backstage at the Academy Awards ceremony in 1971 where Chaplin is to receive an honorary Life Achievement Award. Having been falsely accused of being a Communist and banned from re-entry into the United States 20 years earlier, the 82 year old Chaplin is both bitter and afraid as to how he'll be accepted by the crowd. He struggles with what to say to them when accepting the award ("Should I weep with delight or should I cry out with rage?") Left alone to rest, he falls asleep and, as he recounts the events that lead him to this fateful moment, it finally becomes clear what he must do.

Part Concert; part Stage Musical, "Chaplin – A Life. In Concert" is an imaginative, emotional and inspiring journey that leaves the audience walking on air, humming its tunes, and in love with the artistry of the Chaplin.

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"The score is a knockout… touching, clever, theatrical…wonderful!" - Michael Feinstein

Pomeranz’s versatility extends writing, music and acting…a dazzling score, a clever script and a whole lot of talent…A MUST SEE! - Adelaide Theater Guide

"David Pomeranz is wonderfully talented!" - Mel Brooks

"Pulsating…vibrant…progresses at a terrific pace with moments of pathos just like a Chaplin movie.
- The Herald

"Compelling.”  - In Daily Adelaide Independent News

"A Wide-ranging piece of work combining exuberance, charm and poignancy." - London Guardian

"A great voice, staggering virtuosity on the piano, loads of charm and the ability to play forty roles in his musical, Chaplin: A life in Concert - what more could you ask for? A truly terrific musical score, certainly one of the best I have heard in many years. Great entertainment (with) genuine show stoppers and, if you love Musicals, this (is) a real treat." 
- Melbourne Stage Whisperers 

"Pomeranz has written some exhilarating songs, which could easily become instant classics." - Stage and Television Today

"Pomeranz's 'Chaplin' is absolutely exquisite. Bravo!" - The Barefoot Review

"I would give up all of my awards, and they are many, if I could do what David Pomeranz can do with his music."
-Sir Richard Harris

"This young man has captured the soul of the man I knew so well." - Jerry Epstein (Charlie's Associate Producer and "right hand" for more than 30 years)

"Straight from the heart…brilliant!" - Southern Evening Echo